Creative Writing for Beginners

led by Lisa Yarger on Zoom

Sunday, February 5
14:00 to 17:00

Fee: 40€*


Want to write, but don't know how to begin? This workshop is for you!

In this workshop, you'll learn basics such as cultivating awareness,
keeping notebooks, getting ideas, taking yourself out on artist dates,
and reading like a writer. You’ll learn the importance of writing practice,
and you’ll try out the use of prompts (images, objects, words and phrases)
to strengthen your writing muscle and get your creative juices flowing.
You’ll also get a wealth of tips for setting up support for yourself,
so that you’re more likely to continue writing after the workshop.

This workshop will be in English,
but those who write in other languages are very welcome.

Questions? Ready to register? Email Lisa at:

Lisa Yarger is the author of the award-winning book,

Lovie: The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship
(University of North Carolina Press).

*Reduced rate available for students supporting themselves or in hardship cases.

**Register for both this workshop and
“Out With the Old, In With the New: A January Journaling Workshop”
and save 10€.
Click here for information about the journaling workshop:

Feedback from past participants:

"Very nice and respectful atmosphere."

"Wonderful thoughts and tasks for beginners and also for the beginner in all of us."

"I liked the writing prompts a lot, especially with the focus on not putting the pen down and just keep going even if the sentences are not perfect or are seemingly arbitrary."

"This was a really nice introduction into creative writing for a beginner like me and I’m really looking forward to incorporating the techniques you talked about and of course to attending future workshops and readings."

"This is the first time I did a creative writing workshop and I felt really good during it. The topics to write about were really inspiring to me and hearing the drafts and thoughts of the others was really helpful. I really want to keep on writing now."

“I liked the fact that you could share if you wanted to but didn't have to, so there wasn't any pressure.”

“I liked that I literally got tons of inspiration from your workshop. These exercises never get old and are absolutely worth doing in such an encouraging environment. I will try to take with me the feeling (or hopefully some sort of confidence) that writing at any time seems possible and that eventually the thoughts and ideas might flow. The interactivity is great, the possibility to read out loud what you have written is a good thing, too. The duration is just right, I would say, although time passed VERY quickly. Thank you very much for this really exciting and encouraging workshop!”

Lisa Yarger is the author of the award-winning book, Lovie: The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship (University of North Carolina Press)

*Lower fee available for people with reduced means.

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