The Blank Page

Creative Writing for Beginners
A 3-hour ZOOM workshop
led by Lisa Yarger

Sunday 4 October
13.00 - 17.00
with a 1 hour break
between 14.30 & 15.30


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You'd like to write, but don't know how to begin?

This workshop is for you!

You'll get support with:
•deciding what to write about and in what form
(poem, memoir, short story, etc.)
•creating a writing routine
•reading like a writer
•cultivating the confidence to begin

We'll use listening exchanges (in Zoom break-out rooms) to discover any fears we might have about writing, and we'll talk about how to address these. We'll also do some playful writing exercises to practice what we've talked about.

This workshop will be in English,
but those who write in other languages are very welcome.

To register, send an email to Lisa at

Feedback from past participants:

"I appreciate how Lisa cultivated a respectful atmosphere. Reading aloud the work I wrote in the workshop was very helpful and encouraging.”

"The most useful thing I learned is to let things unfold as they will and try things out (different paths, different perspectives). It's ok to write something and throw it out.”

"My expectation was to add a bit of structure and to introduce a few good practices in my writing and the workshop really was great help here.”

"The writing exercise in the workshop was a nice challenge and played a big part in me overcoming my problem of getting stuck when writing.”

"The workshop really helped me to address one of the biggest problems with my writing. I used to write a couple of sentences and then would keep on changing them till I felt they were good. After the workshop, I can really write a lot more and enjoy the process!"

Lisa Yarger is the author of the award-winning book,
Lovie: The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship
(University of North Carolina Press).

*A lower fee is available for people with reduced means.

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